Monday, November 30, 2009

“A Chase” by Annie Dillard

The Story “A Chase” by Annie Dillard is very interesting because if you truly think about it the author’s message has so much meaning and the author is completing right. For instance, when we grow up we got so much to worry about such as school, work, family problems, money, stress and etc while when you are a kid all you got to worry about is, what to do when your bored. The author is bored one day and decides to throw snowballs at passing cars. She knew she could get in trouble, but she didn’t care because she was having so much fun and plus she didn’t really think anything huge could happen to her because she was just a kid. The girl didn’t realize that someone could get upset and do something about it without caring if she was a young girl or not. In this case this man got angry and started following her everywhere in her neighborhood along with her friend, Mikey. They ran and ran in the snow until the man caught them by their jackets in which that moment the author realized that was the best day of her life. She even mentioned “He could only have fried Mikey Fahey and me in boiling oil, say, or dismembered us piecemeal, or staked us to anthills” and she would have died happily knowing that was the best day of her life.

After so many years, she looks back to this day and remembers this moment, for the fact, that the man could have gave up like every other adult who gives up easily but this man didn’t and that’s what made his unique. People as adults lose willingness and don’t go for what they want; there is always an excuse to limited humans to something and it shouldn’t be that way. People should go after what they want no matter what without looking back and stopping just like this man did. The author herself lost that willingness and that’s why she looks back at this moment and thinks that was the best day of her life because she went all the way to what she wanted and believed was right.

I agree with the author and believe that sometimes we should try harder and put more effort into what we want because we only live once and we should make it the best it could be. We shouldn’t go for what is normal we should always aim for the best.

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